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Welcome to The Rogue Unicorn!

If you have bought or been gifted (lucky you!) one of my zero waste tie dye kits, please head over to the "Tie Dye" section of my website to learn how to make the most of your kit.

If you would like to enquire about custom kits for your event or business, or want an item professionally dyed please use the "contact" section to get in touch and discuss your requirements.

If you want to browse our lovely in stock items and make some purchases please head over to "shop".


Lastly find our social media channels linked for even more Rogue chaos. 



North Wales


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Chloe came to my home to do a baby wearing consultation and it was fantastic, I'm still buzzing! She was so friendly, helpful and informative, i feel like I learned more in a five minutes than in many weeks of trial and error! They helped me with an existing Tula carrier and then also introduced me to rings slings, which I’ve been interested in for ages! I fell in love and bought a gorgeous hand dyed ring sling. I’ve worn it so many times today already and feel so excited to wear it even more going forwards! If you are wondering whether you should seek Chloe’s expert guidance, absolutely do!


I had a consultation session, where Chloe helped me gain confidence feeding in a wrap. the session was tailored to my needs and level of experience. Chloe is very friendly and approachable, and a fantastic consultant. I would definitely recommend!


Chloe has been amazing in supporting us finding a carrier that fits us and our baby. We have tried numerous carriers before, but nothing really suited us - we were close to giving up. She brought a few carriers to try and listened to our concerns and questions. We had the chance to keep one carrier to try before actually buying one. We also really appreciated her advice for where to find one second hand. Definitely a 5 star local business


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