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Here at The Rogue Unicorn, we are committed to reducing our environmental impact and are continuously striving for improvement.


Almost every item used in our dyeing processes are reused, the few items that can’t be are recycled. We are proud to send no waste to landfill.

here possible, we use organic materials, and we buy predominantly from small UK individual or family-owned companies.

Our dye kit breakdown:

  • (If chosen) A sugarcane polymailer, made in the UK from a byproduct of sugarcane these mailing bags are pretty and carbon negative. Reuse, compost, or allow to biodegrade in standard landfil.

  • Cardboard box with paper label made in the UK. Recyclable at home or in recycling banks. Resuable too (great for arts & crafts) As small as possible to reduce our eco footprint during shipping.

  • Round paper sticker labels. Made in the UK using FCS paper. Recyclable at home/recycling centres.

  • Glassine envelopes for dyes and powders. Made in the UK from pine wood cellulose and biodegradable (in compost or landfill) & recyclable (with paper). I would not recommend reusing them due to the nature of the contents.

  • Dye powders. Bought in bulk to reduce packaging/shipping. Professional grade, dichlorotriazine cold water, fibre reactive dyes.
    Vegan and are widely considered to be the most eco-friendly of all synthetic dyes as they contain no heavy metals or toxic substances.

  • Soda ash (fixative). UK made and septic tank safe.

  • Biodegradable nitrate gloves. Made ethically in Malaysia by a UK company. Biodegrade only in active landfill.

  • Natural rubber bands (supplier variable). Can be reused. If a band snaps or needs recycling they can be recycled in the UK by popping them into a Royal Mail postbox.

  • Business cards. Provides online instructions to reduce our waste. Printed in the UK on FSC card. Recyclable at home/at recycling centres.

Please get in touch if you have any queries, comments, or suggestions relating to sustainability.

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