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Inclusivity & Equity


Inclusivity and equity is at the heart of what we do. The Rogue Unicorn is run by a disabled, queer, single parent.


I aim to provide culturally competent, trauma informed, inherently inclusive support to all people and all families. I extend this in particular  (but not exclusively) to black and brown people, people from under represented and minority backgrounds and cultures, LGBTQ+ people, disabled and neurodivergent people and all "non-traditional" families.


If you require our services but are facing financial hardship, difficulties or disadvantage please get in touch with us to discuss this confidentially.


We strive to make our services accessible to as many people as possible. We do this by offering our services in person (at our home, yours, or wherever you are comfortable) and online (via webchat, or just voice or text), providing all of our information the information communicated in sessions again afterwards with a bespoke summary, both written, photographic, vdeio and infographic information. If you would like for another person to join you at your session there is no problem (or additional cost!), and we are more than happy to work sessions around other children or caring needs.


  If we are not meeting your individual accessibility needs, or have comments about how we can improve our accessibility we would love to hear from you.

Carriers and clothing

Our carriers and wraps are handmade in collaboration with Melliapis and are made to fit all bodies and physical landscapes. Our wraps range from a shawl to a size 10, our ring slings in two lengths, the straps and waistbands on our more structured carriers can be made shorter or longer as required at no extra cost.  Any of our carriers with buckles come with dual adjust buckles as standard.

When we collaborate with clothing makers we ensure we collaborate only with sustainable brands that offer inclusive sizing. We also collaborate with handmakers of clothes, that make accessibility and inclusivity a priority. So whatever you clothing needs - we have you covered. 

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